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    Fri Nov 21, 2014 5:37 pm
    Message by Tayssi - Re: Hey!
    Okay haha I thought so Razz and alright, sounds like an idea Smile I have a friend over at the moment, so I will get to the reply this afternoon ^^
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    Sat Oct 25, 2014 8:13 pm
    Message by Tayssi - Re: Hey!

    W i n t e r   S a v a n n a h

    N a m e
    Winter Savannah

    N i c k n a m e
    Winter or Savannah

    A g e

    G e n d e r

    S p e c i e s

    B r e e d
    Grey Wolf x Arctic Wolf x Immortal Wolf(fictional)

    B i r t h d a y
    April 1st


    P e r s o n a l i t y
    Winter is the type of fae one just can't hate. She's friendly and caring once she gets to know you, however, she can be rather shy and nervous when meeting someone at first. She's not the most trusting of brutes, but that doesn't mean she will not talk to them. She's clumsy; a klutz, and she's quite often falling over something, losing her footing or just getting hurt somehow. And though she does nothing to find it, she somehow always manages to end up in trouble one way or another. It just seems to find her. Winter is the type who doesn't like to see others suffer, so she will try to help when she can. Unfortunately, she's also pretty gullible, believing most things others say to her. She also loves pups. Absolutely adores them, however, she is terrified of having any more. She doesn't want to lose them like last time, and is also scared that if she does open up to a brute again, he will just leave her like her previous mate did.


    F u r  C o l o r
    White, with a small amount of grey along her back and on her tail.

    E y e  C o l o r
    Bright amber eyes with gold flecks

    H e i g h t

    W e i g h t


    P a r e n t s
    Blade[Father] Alive(hasn't seen him in years)
    Summer[Mother] Alive(hasn't seen her in years)

    S i b l i n g s
    Luna[Sister] Deceased
    Dagger[Brother] Alive
    Lake[Sister] Deceased


    W e a k n e s s e s
    Not very strong

    S t r e n g t h s
    Speed. She hasn't met anyone quicker than her
    Intelligence - when she decides to use it
    Good at hiding


    H i s t o r y
    Winter grew up with her mother and father and 3 siblings. However, her two sisters when they were 6 months, as there had been a land slide and they had been buried underneath it. So it had been just Winter and her brother, Dagger after that. Their parents were very protective, afraid to lose any other pups. The older they became, the more protective Dagger became of Winter. She had been born the smallest of all 4 pups and she never had much strength behind her. Luckily, she was fast. No one could catch her. But to make matters worse, she was clumsy, so she'd always fall over. It didn't take long before her parents worried she would never make it by herself., but when she left, Dagger came with her. They were together for years, but when they were 40, Dagger met a fae. He fell for her. Hard. They planned to have pups together. And though Dagger told Winter to stay, she snuck away in the middle of the night so Dagger couldn't stop her. She wandered for a while, until a small pack took her in. She was with them for a couple years. Winter went from pack to pack until she was 80, when she met a brute named Kite. A handsome brown wolf with golden eyes. They were together for many years before Kite finally admitted to Winter that he liked her. Winter was overjoyed. They were together for a long time after that, and they planned to have pups. But once Winter was pregnant, she noticed something wasn't right with Kite. He was sneaking around in the middle of the night. Until one day, he came with another fae - a pretty fawn coloured one - and said he changed his mind, that he didn't like her, and then he just left. Winter's heart shattered.  Since then, she hasn't trusted brutes and refuses to let herself fall for one. But she had her pups. Two. And they were both white. She loved them to pieces. Sure, it was hard work by herself, she but did her best. Unfortunately, an illness swept through the land, killing many wolves. Her pups included. She tried her best to save them, but they died none the less. Slowly. She had blamed herself continuously so she's now terrified of having any more pups.

    F e a r s
    Trusting a brute
    Having more pups.

    L i k e s
    The night

    D i s l i k e s
    Know it alls


    M a r k i n g s
    Scars between her neck and shoulders. Puncture marks from when a brute had tried to force her and bit her. Hard.

    M a t e s
    Kite[Left her]

    P u p s

    T h e m e  S o n g
    Never Again by Kelly Clarkson
    Still Alive by Lisa Miskovsky


    Hope she's alright Smile
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