Into The Great Beyond - not done

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Into The Great Beyond - not done

Post by Tayssi on Sun Dec 18, 2011 7:18 pm

It was the dragon leader, Abin, who gathered the Unicorns' and Pegasus's leaders together and spoke about destroying the Griffins. "There are too many of them! They are rats! We must crush them like the vermin they are!"he growled angrily, his jet black wings flicking open and knocking down nearby trees.
Tahlin, the peader of the Pegasus's reared, her wings spread wide and neighed her agreement. "Yes!" she exclaimed, "we can ambush them!" her hooves crashed onto the ground onto the ground like a waterfall slamming onto the rocks below.
Abin snorted, flames raining from his nostrils. "No," he growled, "we shall fight a fair war against the Griffins!" he then tilted his great head towards the bright circle in the sky and fire shot towards it like meteors.
It was then, Jakyl, the leader of the unicorns cut in, "we shouldn't fight at all, the Griffins will not harm us," his tail flicked in defience, the sun catching it, making it glitter like stars in the sky at midnight.
Abin and Tahlin glared at Jakyl, which made the magnifacent unicorn flee. The two then gared at eachother. Snorting, the two took off towards their own lands calling, "to war with everyone!"
The leader of the Griffins, The mighty, Silver and Red Griffins, Iedakraal had heard the loud Tahlin and Abin and he screeched to his Griffins followers, "I, Iedakraal, decrales war on the others! All fire griffins destroy the unicorns first before they have a chance to do anything!" He hovered hovered in the air and waited. Iedakraal was nearly thrown out of the air as a mixture of colours flew past him as his Griffins followers obeyed his orders. It was then that he saw the fire dragons flying towards the Unicorns' land as well. So they had the same idea?
Fire flew from every direction, towards the Unicorns' land. Water from the waterfalls shot towards the the fire with amazing speed. The held the fire at bay for a while but it didn't last too long. The water hols became as dry as a desert in a short time. The fire took hold of the land, lighting it instantly.
Iedakraal and Abin watched the land burn with triumphant expressions, whilst the Pegasus's scrambled to save their unicorn friends.Though none were saved. They were all burnt to the grounf with their once gorgeous land.
Tahlin swung around, her glare sending daggers through Iedakraal. She let out a shrill and dangerous neigh, then all that was seen was black and white. Pegasus's charged, taking down griffins here adn there. Though they lost more then they killed. Suddenly Abin called Tahlin over and she called her followers to retreat for now. She flew over to Abin as silently as an owl.
"What?" she asked with a snort and a flap of her snow white wings.
"We should team up to destroy the griffins," Abin replied, glancing over at Iedkraal who was watching them cautiously from the sky, then he looked back at Tahlin, "it will be easier then trying to them and eachother" his red tipped tail flicked side to side in aggitation and amusement.
Tahlin stared at Abin for a long while before asking, "why should I? All you have ever done is try to destroy me and my fellow pegasus's. And my friends." she snorted, emembering Jakyl's agonized expression as he was torched alive.
"It is our only chance, Tahlin," Abin replied honestly, almost pleadingly, "please, Tahlin, I don't want to lose, as don't you."

The rest of the story is somewhere and shall be posted when I find it on my computer... unless its on the school computers then i'm screwed.

This was for a school assignment last year.
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