(NO NAME YET) Rough draft version

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(NO NAME YET) Rough draft version

Post by Spritz on Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:24 pm

Akio stood tall, his long hair falling down into his peircing eyes, watching his rival with a tense, guarded gaze. He was broad and tall, standing in the dappled moonlight that gently shone through the trees far overhead. The soft glow illuminated his features, but failed to do the same to the male who was also standing in the small clearing. "Dont even think about it!" He spat out the words, as if they were vile to his mouth, pure poison to his lips. "You underestamate me." Though he was boiling with anger, his words seemed deliberate and firm, a definate command- not a request to be turned down. Instead of submitting, his rival let out a scoffing laugh, the sound unnatural and terrible in the peaceful glade- out of place, evil seeping into his very words. The pair were identical, not a mark distinguishing them one from another. They carried the same scars, the same stare, the same voice, though only one was in his pure form, only one was the true Akio.
"This night settles it all, this is the time I will show you who is true." Akio snarled softly, his words again being spat out of his mouth, past his chapped, cracked lips. He let himself melt into a new form, his body changing and expanding to take in the shape of a sleek black panther, his ebony hide shining in the soft moonlight. Padding softly around his rival, his huge paws pressed down into the dirt, upper lip peeled back to show his long feline fangs. They gleamed with wet saliva, before he gave a terrible snarl. A rumbling grown rose low in his throat, wracking through the glade. Two large black wings were spread out on the panthers back, their individual feathers catching the light and shimmering. His enemy also changed forms, morphing into another large cat; copying Akio's movements exactly. The only thing he was unable to copy were Akio's wings, leaving the rival feeling naked in the presence of the magnificent beast. The two cats circled one another, both snarling and waiting, watching. Each waiting for the other to make the first, fatal move, knowing that this was a fight to the death.

That night had been a long time ago, but Akio still remembered it exactly. He let himself sink into memories, almost feeling as if he was in the fight all over again, defending his life and his family. When the long night had finally ended, he was the one that had been standing over the body of his brother, magestic and knowing that now, it was all over. Yes, his brother. His rival, enemy had been his twin- though Akio did not refer to him in such a mannor.
The only thing the two males had had in common, was the will to fight and the same birth mother. Akio knew for certain their fathers had been different, as there was no way they could be from the same. Shiala had been the spawn of evil, and it wouldn't have suprised Akio of the devil himself had impregnated his innocent mother, forcing her to carry his child.
The thought made the male narrow his eyes, peircing glare cast across the same clearing. The fight had resounded here, but there was no trace of it, not now.

Stepping forward, he strode across the grass and knelt down where his brother had lay, where his evil heart ceased beating forever more. It was here that he had killed him, before ripping his body open for the birds of the air to feast on his flesh. He did not feel guilty for what he had done, as it was the only way to bring peace once again to the hearts of everybody around him.

Akio prefered to be alone, staying out of sight and mind of the villagers that ocupied the lands. It was only now they were starting to multiply, building their abodes in the wide open plains. So far, they seemed to be peaceful, but the male wondered if the trace of his brother was still living among them. It was obvious that some had more than just one intent of coming here, but as a guardian of the forest, there was no way Akio would let any of them commit deeds to the forest, that was placed in his care. He was one among few, Shape-shifters rare and hardly ever seen. It was nearly immpossible to tell one from regular wildlife if you were staring straight at it, thus gave Akio the wonderful ability to blend into the forest as one of the animals. He however, was now in his original form, the way he was meant to be. As he stood, his features were plainly seen, the aura around him noble and graceful, powerful and mighty. He was tall and muscular, lean and fit to fight.

He posessed long, silk black hair that fell down his shoulders, and a gaze so peircing he could see into ones very soul. He possessed huge ebony wings, each almost twelve feet long and mighty. They grew themselves as he grew stronger, his victory over evil making them expand nearly double their original size. Each feather gleamed brightly, hues of green and violet dancing over the sheen tips, looking as if the individual feathers were alive.
One of the last guardiens, he found himself yearning and searching for what would come next in his long life, nearly eternity. A mate.

That was what he was missing, his heart aching for what was to come. Only fate would draw the two together, and there was no telling what his female would be like. He wished her to come swiftly, a soft ache in his heart forever; until she was to join him once and for all. A leather cord was loosley strung around his neck, half of a gleaming shell hanging on it, gently catching the sunlight and shining with such an intensity, it would have nearly blinded any mortal who dared to look at it. She would possess the other half, she was the one. When a twig snapped behind him, all thoughts of his mate vanished from his mind.
He whirled around, morphing forms within a half second.

Transformations such as these were slightly painfull for him, and he found himself with an ache in his bones for a few seconds before it subsided. When in his original form, it was only then he was able to call for his mate. He hardly ever did it anymore, now starting to lose hope that she would ever come.

Only a small rabbit scampered out of the lush underbrush, its small nose twitching with anticipation as it neared a bright yellow dandilion. Akio growled slightly, his strong tail lashing out behind him as he turned his head, now in his panther form. Waiting, watching. The animals were no longer frighened of him, as they trusted him as their caregiver and protecter. The stirring of a mother doe brought his attention back to the wood, and he relaxed slightly when the graceful creature stepped out of the shadows, two small fawns parading behind her, staying close.

It was moments like these he knew this was where he belonged, this was where he would dwell for the rest of his life. Looking up at the sky, he lowered himself to his haunches and gazed upwards, his dark gaze resting on the white clouds that gently rolled by. Somewhere, she was looking for him. And he would wait for her, as long as it would take.
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