Just reminding everyone to stay safe

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Just reminding everyone to stay safe

Post by Emoticon on Sat Nov 05, 2011 7:14 pm

The money crisis is tuning people crazy. People are using violence to try and solve their problems. I had this crazy thing go on in my town and I want to remind everyone to stay safe.

Their were 4 kids, a 17 year old, two 14 year olds, and a eleven year old, wen to this lady's house. They knew they were rich and had guns, so they went to their house. The 17 year old was outside in a car, and the 14 year old and the 11 year old went up to the house. The women answered the door, and they said they were looking for Bill since they needed money and guns from him. When they lady started to close the door, the two kids pushed her down on the floor and held her at gun point. As they were entering the house, her husband came down with a gun(It wasn't a hand gun, its one of those guns that looks like its used in the war). Then the kids ran off. All of them were caught, and are being charged with adult charges.

Just wanted everyone to stay safe, so you don't end up in a situation like this.
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