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Post by Crimzen on Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:02 pm

It was early morning, the sun hardly awake itself. The sky a darkish blue, dotted with awakening clouds, the wind was blowing a gentle breeze, ruffling the still leaves in the trees. Grass swayed with not much effort, I limped through the short grass finding some bit of shelter in the high trees, my hid leg dripped with blood.


I had recently smelt the glorious scent of food, deer to be exact. I couldn't tell you how fast I ran towards it, trees flew pass me becoming nothing but distant shadows, having leaped over logs, swimming through vastly flowing rivers, you'd think I'd be tired but, no, I kept my head up high I hadn't eaten in more than a while, I couldn't miss this opportunity. Finally, I reached it the source my gullet had been calling out for so long, a deer laid motionless on the soft soil, blood dripping form it's wounded neck., freshly killed. I looked around the plains, no one was around my tongue slipped across both sides of my muzzle, skipping down the hill with delight stopping beside the stomach, ripping my way into the kill swallowing as many mouthfuls of meat as I could. My bliss was interrupted by fierce snarling, I turned around quickly fearing it was a large grizzling 4 wolves stood there glaring at me harshly, their eyes burning fur standing tall,

"What do you think your doing!?" Snarled the male in front of me, he was bulky nearly taller than me I flinched, my tail lowered under me I wouldn't be defend myself against this group, out numbered. Spinning around on my paws, my eyes locked on the crowed forest I winced harshly, his fangs latched onto my back leg I expressed this pain in the only way I could, a yelp. Loud, showing that I felt the pain and hopefully it would satisfy the male he got his point though, finally he let go the grip released form my now bleed leg, I limped my way into the forest grinding my fangs as my back leg protested.


So now you know why I'm out here, bleeding, somewhat full. I had recently left my birth pack, to live a live on my own soon enough I won't be following orders form anyone but, me, myself, and I. However, in the current setting, I'm beginning to wonder, if I should've stayed with my family, perhaps a few more days, at least. My ears twitched hearing the cry of in Eagle, gazing up I spotted the soaring creature it's wings out to it fullest length, it's head craned down golden eyes scanning across the ground, fully focused. I sat down slowly I enjoy watching these creatures soar without a care across the bright blue sky, nearly 0 complications when it comes to hunting, they could easily swoop down on a small mouse without being detected until it's to late. Unlike me, I actually had to chase down my meals and afterwards might lose it to a wolverine, of course, being a wolf had it's ups as well, if a prey had taken shelter inside it's hole it would be cornered and they could dig our way to them.

The grass shifted for a second, perhaps a moment or maybe less, emerging out of the grass, with caution, fear, hesitation, a mouse with a brownish, dirt like coat, it's eyes pitch black, if not for the small glimmer of white indicating it's pupil, it's eyes would have seemed like a black abyss, long thick tail sliding across the ground behind it. I glanced back up the the featured animal, maybe the Eagle would succeed in catching the mouse,with the small mouse, still unaware of the bird's eyes watch it, the Eagle took the opportunity to make it's attack. It raised it's talons upwards to it's stomach, six sharply pointed, black, talons opening up just a bit, making space for the kill. It's wings raised speeding up the pace as it's glided down closer. Making a terrifying shriek, a loud reminder of the mouse approaching doom.

The mouse squeaked startled, bolting off towards it's home small clouds of dirt formed behind the small creature, symbolizing the pace of which it was running. Each stroke making one step closer to a small mount of dirt, the flapping of the Eagle's wings, seemed to force the mouse on eyes full with more fear then they where before, this was it's chance it's only chance. The Eagle leaned in closer, the grass spreading apart inch by inch the mouse leaped swopping into it's hole, the talons closed catching nothing air between them, the bird screeched loudly in annoyance.

"Not much luck for you either, huh?" I said, to no one in particular.

Pulling it's wings down heavily, forcing the powerful animal back into the sky, disappointed it flew off stretching out one of it's talons landing on an outstretched branch, hidden behind countless leaves, pulling it's wings together it nuzzled it's golden beak, between the white feathers. The suns rays growing brighter, golden streaked of light revealing my surroundings even more, the ground swamped with orange, brown, and golden leaves, they matched perfectly with the vast forest enlightening the twist and turns it had.

"Would you hurry up?" said a female voice, the statement was more of a command than question. I sighed deeply,

'Was there no end the rain of wolves?' I shifted my body, so my hind leg was held up more off the ground. Might as well face the music, I couldn't run in this position let alone escape. I doubt that female was talking to herself, she had to be accompanied by someone, perhaps I could join them strengthening my chance of survival. The steps came closer and closer, crunching of leaves louder and louder, I took a deep breathe, preparing myself for the worst, soon the two came into view. The first wolf a slim, female with a slender body, her dominant coat a darkish red tint, with white paws, chest, belly, behind her legs and neck.

"Then quit your whining." She growled, her head still craned back to the side, her cheeks against he shoulder. I flinched she wasn't the type to play around with I could scene it in her tone, I heard a soft groan it sounded tried, less alarmed as the female clearly was. She paused her form tensing her head quickly turned towards me, her amber eyes gleamed with the suns rays the following male bumped into her thy afterwards, her body only swayed a bit as the male gazed up to meet her eyes his face disapproved wondering if she'd done that one purpose, he was about to speak when he followed her gaze, tracing over to me.

"Hi." I greeted friendly, hopeing I would get the same in reply.

"What are you doing here?" She answered coldly, not so much of a smile, was I not welcome here? It sure felt so, the least she could have done was ask me if I was alright. I felt the air grow tenser, blood pumping into my ears heat raiding through each side.

"I was hoping to join a pack." I lowered myself slowly, as she came closer he steps constant with a steady rhythm. My tail wagged slowly behind me, sweeping gently against the ground side to side, I had to get them to trust even just a bit. She paused once her paws reached her muzzle, she stood straight her paws in front of my nose she leaned down her nose grazing against the back of my neck, she stepped back a couple of feet her nose wrinkled up in disgust.

"You wouldn't happen to know of any would ya?" I smiled weakly, my chin pressed up against the soil my brown eyes watched the female, 'Idiot!' I scolded myself, Of course they know of a pack or are even a part of one! Why else would they be here? Although, I couldn't let her see my distress the male stepped forward, he too was slim almost taller than to too, his pelt was a bright golden brownish color with eyes to match he also hauled himself, standing beside the female. Unlike the female, he wore a smile revealing his canines

"Actually, we do." He said, my spirit lifted up there was hope, by luck I've encountered these two wolves who'd been a part of a pack perhaps bigger than I've even imagined! And where's there a pack there is strengthen in numbers, which meant more food and goodbye to rumbling stomach. My smiled stretched out a bit more,

"Do you have more room for one more?" I asked, all the while the females eyes laid on the male beside her, focused, as if the awareness of the pack was suppose to be keep secret, the male seemed to ignore her or might've of never noticed in the first place.

"Perhaps." Answered the female my eyes drifted over towards her, those golden eyes now gazed upon me. The male turned looking at the female, directly, she seemed to ignore his gaze too.

"Can he come with us Aditi?" He asked her, 'So that's her name.' I thought laying resting my head down on the muti-colored leaves, she glanced at him then placed her eyes on me again.

"Why should he?" She asked, once again in that cold tone of hers "He'd just be another pupil in the way." Harsh, I thought, my tail laid silently beside me my joyfulness drained. The male rolled his eyes slowly,

"We could at least give em' a change." He said, "Besides," His head turned back towards me, "We can't just leave him here." His brownish golden eyes drifted up towards my wounded leg, I'd hardly noticed it anymore the pain seemed to grow numb, until now of course. I held it up slowly, painfully the amount of blood starting to slow down. Aditi opened her mouth breathing in air to counter the males words, though it snapped shut her eyes showed hesitation , I waited patiently for the females approval, knowing I would mostly likely in up in the same position or worse.

"Fine." She said, defeated. A small smiled creased my muzzle, my tail wagging happily once more. She turned walking back the way she and the golden male came, I rose slowly, my injured leg held up to avoid infection and even more pain, the male stood for a while before slowly turning around following Aditi at a sluggish pace. I limped after them my legs growing tired after covering some distance, the same amount of pressure each time wasn't letting up. My ears twitched seeing the male slow his pace down a bit more, allowing himself to fall back beside me his pace raising keeping up with me.

"So, what's your name?" He asked, I shifted my weight a bit relaxing my other paw of the stress. I smiled softly, relived to have some companionship in my wounded state, I hoped the that chatting would relieve me of my constant stinging in my paws.

"Ian." I answered, once shifting my weight back on my other paw, He nodded softly,

"Names Aden." He said, grinning his eyes focused back on the female ahead of us. "I'm sure you've meant Aditi." He continued, my eyes shifted over to the female as well.

"She's not as cold as she seems to be, she's gotta good heart, though, that's nearly always covered by her attitude of strangers."

I grunted rolling my eyes,

"Right." I commented lazily, "I'm surprised I still have my head attached to my body, for that matter my legs too." Aden chuckled clearly amused with my reply,

"You'll get used to it." He assured me I sorta believed him, I mean, she couldn't be that cold, there's always a soft side to the most hardest of armor. I wondered what would brake her, 'would it be her injured, struggling to move where she laid?' I shook my head side to side. 'Nah, she'd probably be all stubborn and continue on with whatever she was doin'. I thought of anything else,but, Aden seemed to snap me out of it,

"We here!" He said, as chirpy as ever, dragged out of my thought,s I gazed up, the sun at it's highest peak. The bright, glistening rays brightened my eyes and warmed after part of me, feeling a sense of welcome. This place was beautiful, simply eye-fetching the bright green grass stretchered out over small hills, large pine trees surrounded the area like a protective barrier, small fallen logs laid scattered across the grass, the white flowers stood tall out of the ground, only shifting once or so in a while, form the wind that managed to slip through, a small river flowed over the gray rocks that laid beside.

"Wow." I mouthed, truly infatuated by this glorious slight, we continued to walk through the area, my paws warmed by the greeting grass, finally escaping the gloomy forest. The sight was riddled with plenty wolves, all various of shades and markings the new scents plowed into my nostrils, nearly blowing me off my paws, Aditi and Aden strolled in normally belonged nodding their heads, grinning happily, at least Aden was. Me on the other hand.. I might of been a little to cautions.. once the other wolves greeted Aditi & Aden, their eyes would shift over to me, some wearing small smiles, and other with suspicions looks., felling out of place I lowered my ears.

"Argh!" Snarled a voice. "I'm gonna wipe stupid, smirk off your face!" My fur stood startled, was I really smiling? When was I smiling? Had this wonderful place glued a smile on me? I fixed m face quickly, I've gotten so far I couldn't leave now.

"Oh yeah?" Replied, a mocking voice. "Bring it." I turned my head it wasn't me the angered wolf was talking to, it was someone else! The smaller wolf stood on the opposite side, standing on the tip of his claw exposed his fangs clearly, angered for some reason. The large canine stood on the other side a grin spread around his muzzle looking down, at the smaller male, relaxed, not showing the slightest bit of aggression, the smaller wolf leaped clamping his jaws around the others neck tightly, the large male only pulled himself back, latching his jaw around the smaller males back leg.

I felt like rushing over there, breaking the fight up even in my injured state at this rate the larger wolf would end up killing him, and I wasn't ready to see flowing grass soaked in blood. Although I hesitated, I couldn't just barge into that vicious tumble.

"Shouldn't we stop them?" I asked, Aden for some support, back up, if I had made the decision of going over there I suspected he would surely join me, Aden turned his head looking over my head. He shook his head,

"Their Sonicbooms, it's what they do." He said, with a small shrug of his shoulders, "They battle each other to steel themselves for when intruders coming sticking their nose in our business." He said, turning his head back in front of him, I nodded slowly turning my head back to it's original place, I myself, was an intruder.

(It's not finished, yet tell me what you think!)
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