You Belong With Me

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You Belong With Me

Post by ❥ Destiny Styles on Tue Oct 11, 2011 4:31 pm

"Come on wake up, were here!" Carmel called and shook Dawn. Dawn lifted her head and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. "Huh--" Right away, Carmel's excited voice sounded into Dawn's ear. "We're here --- Flordia." Going on chewing on my gum she almost spit it out but kept it in til we got off. Rustling and almost pushing her friend off the seat, Dawn got her things from up top and started to roll them off. "What about our moms?" she heard Carmel's voice in the loud rummaging of the plane. "Just find them. I'll be waiting outside." Dawn's voice was nearly a squeal of excitement running through her veins as she went out.

Dawn was an awfully pretty mixed girl with nice and smooth curly/straight hair. Right then, she wore shorts that showed her slightly tanned skin and a spaghetti strapped stomach shirt. She looked so much like a teen, but honestly she was 12... getting there, but not til October.
Carmel was her best friend. They knew each other since kindergarten; Carmel was a fairly pretty girl with the same curly/straight hair but blackish. Dawn had brown streaks in hers. Carmel was light skinned and had a very cute red spaghetti strapped with darker blue shorts. They both had Gucci Sunglasses on, both chewing gum since their ears won't pop.

"Okay! Okay!" she heard Carmel's panting come from beside her, a suitcase in front of her. "We'll go and get a hotel room, then we'll go. We can walk there." "Sounds perfect."

Finally, the girl's were done packing. They breathed heavy, both lying on the beds til Dawn finally lifted her head. "Okay," she said getting up. "Time to go."
"Ooh yay!" Carmel exclaimed rocketing off the bed and heading towards the door, Dawn following out. Even though she kept it cool, she was actually excited to be trying out for a buddy. Ooh, what an owner! Walking, the two girl's talked til they got there, both slow-moding to the stadium and going in to sign in. "We'll be ready for you in an hour." the director said. "Go meet the cast and crew."
The girls nodded, and walked into the room to see people talking. She gasped and tapped. "Hey look." She pointed at the two boys talking with the other two boys and girls. "Play it cool." Carmel whispered and walked over to them. "hey."

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