Little Story I've Been Working On

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Little Story I've Been Working On

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:05 pm

2 hours listening to music is what this is.

Crystal stumbled on the pavement, forearms breaking her fall. She grinded her teeth as she got up, her red blouise stained from her fall. She sighed as she kept walking, heels tired from all her walking. She gently tugged the strands of hair out of her face, the pale blond hair setting to the side of her cheek. Her grey tennis shoes with white streaks on the side were stained with mud and dirt. Her shorts were covered in baked mud, spreading the thought of desperation around her. She had scraps all around her ankles and arms, revengence filling up into her mind. "She's only using him. I take too much of 'her' money so she kicks me out." She grumbled, clenching her fists. The uneven dirt road spreading for what seemed like miles. Her amber eyes looked up to the sky, seeing the dark grey clouds hovering around her head, a perfect reflection of her mood. She scowled at the thought of getting wet in the cold weather. "Take everything that I couln't fit in a backpack, my car, and leave me with nothing but a house and a dumb farm." She mumbled once more, distant thunder roaring in the distance.

The rain started after it, perfectly in sync. She swiped her hair out of her face, the rain soaking her shoulders. She shivered, the tempature dropping fast. She noticed a figure in the distance, house shaped. She squinted her eyes to get a better look as she saw the house, fenced by high wooden fences. She saw the foreclosure sign, and a orange tape covered it. She knew it was a long ways away, but it was supposed to be the house that her dad had for her. She looked back and saw a ghostly figure, shaped like a animal. It quickly drifted in the wind, leaving the smell of it behind. Thunder roared, scaring her as lightining flashed across the sky as a blinding white streak. She yelped, putting her cold fingers over her ears and yelling. She ran, her long, powerful muscles moving her fast. She was a star on the track team, even went to state. She jumped over a big dip in the barely paved road, landing loudly on the side. She felt her breath quicken as the house loomed closer and closer, a faint smile of relif on her face. Thunder roared even closer, only quickening her pace. She smiled as she saw a car, and the orange tape over the 'SOLD' sign on the forclosure sign. She knew it was the house, and a Truck loomed over in the distance. She laughed in relief, but it was short lived.

She failed to notice the dip in the road, as she slipped in the muddy puddle, arms wailing beside her. She noticed how the road dipped down, then a mighty hill. Her face turned grim as she felt her shoulder smack into the dirt, splashing reddish water in her face. Her blouise was stained with more then water as she tumbled down the road, putting herself in a protective ball to keep her safe. She bunched up her knees and put her arms around her face, opening her eyes to the sky. She let out a yelp, only to be silenced by a scream as she felt herself become airborne. She wiggled her arms in air and straightend her legs for impact. She landed on her heels and transferred the energy to the tip of her foot. She dropped down into a roll as she felt pressure on her back, getting soaked in a reddish pudde. She kept on rolling, but opened her eyes. She was rolling sideways down the road, seeing a enormus puddle at the end. She saw a tree root sticking out, almost by her hands. She put the palm of her hand on the muddy road dirt, and felt it slide as she pushed it into the mud. She then felt it reach into the hard dirt, stopping her from sliding sideways, but going fast down the road. She put pressure on it till her wrist hurt. Once the root was close enough, she knew that if she tried to stand up she would be in more trouble. She put all her weight on the wrist, hurting it. She launched herself off the ground, her other wrist supporting her momentarily as she reached out for the root. She felt the hard yet flexible root, and closed her hand on it.

She felt it slip as it was encased in muddy red clay. She barely put her other hand on the root before she stopped, feeling her lower body twist in the mud. She hanged on as the
rain battered her in the face, mocking her as it rained even harder. She felt a cold drop of water go up her noes, instictivly getting her hand to wipe it. Before she had time to stop herself, her other hand slipped and she felt herself slide down the road. She felt cold water splash agaisnt her legs as she landed in the cold puddle, soaking everything but her backpack, which was sitting at the edge of the pudddle. She picked herself off of the puddle, a violent shiver coming over her. She almost dropped her backpack as she slid it over her shoulder then on her back. She saw the clouds have lightened up, The rain done torturing her. She moved a strand of hair soaked behind her ear, having another shiver. She started to run, hoping to heat her up. The road was steep as she slipped, catching herself with her arms. Her muscles ached as she slowly crawled up the road, then she callosped on the top. She maneged to get up, very slowly. Her legs ached, her right ankle hurting. She limped up the road to the house, reaching the wooden gate. The house wasn't far, but her legs could barely support her as she opened the gate, and slowly closed it. She slumped her back and limped all the way to the house, her ankle burning. She saw the truck, the big tires and dark green color was too green for her, but right now she didn't care. She leaned agaisnt the door, getting the key out of her backpack. The key slided in, barely able to turn it as her hand couldn't couldn't keep still.

She twisted it as she heard it unlock, then jerked it out. She twisted the door handle and stumbled her, the lights on and the heater in her face. She threw her backpack on the side, the golden hardwood spotless, until her backplace let bits of mud fly in the hallway. She unzipped the backpack and got a towel out to dry her face and hands. She got dry,clean clothes as she walked around to the hallway, seeing the many flights of stairs. She then saw a elevator, the price of the house popped up into her mind. She stepped into it, seeing a note in it. "Your bedroom is on the third floor, Love Dad" She read out loud, tears coming into her eyes. She pressed the elevator button as she wiped tears from her eyes. A bell rang as the elevator opened. She walked the short hardwood hallway, shivering. She opened the rich brown door to find the enormus master bedroom. The Queen sized bed was draped with a blue satin curtains, and the rich wood matched perfectly with the light brown sheets. The 52" TV screen had a remote taped to it, with a red bow on it. She didn't take it in fully, as she collasped on the Caramel colored carpet. She shiver violently as she crawled into the bathroom. She saw the spa bathroom, thankful for it. She barely crawled towards it, turning the hot water on. She barely maneged to undress as she stumbled on the ground, unable to work her fingers as they went stiff with cold. She fell over to the tub, turning upright when she got into the hot water. She screamed as it felt like it was burning, being able to feel her fingers again. She laid in the tub and saw the jets around it. She pressed the metal button as the jets of hot water hit her back, soothig it. She was in their for what felt like hours until she decided to get out.

She wrapped a blue towel around her, the light purple bathrobe hanging on the hook. She put it on, the cool silk wrapping around her body. She tied it around her waist and looked at the counter, seeing that it was stocked to the rim. She got a white brush and brushed her hair, getting all the dirt out. She wrapped a blue blaket around her as she went towards the elevator. She felt warm, and exhausted. She walked down to the entrance, seeing the dry mud on her backpack. She got her stuff and put it in the elevator, then ran towards the kitchen. She turned the light on as a smile flickered on her face. "Whoa!" She said as the enormus kitchen came on, the fridge bigger then life. Wooden Cabneits sprayed the walls, the warm light tan color going perfectly with the kitchen. The black granite countertops was followed with stainless steel sinks and dishware. The stove looked like a enormus oven, buttons all over the top. The stove was bigger then she could reach, and the brown tile put it all together perfectly. She walked towards the fridge, seeing it stocked with all her favorite foods. She grabbed a can of Dr.Pepper and closed the fridge, then looked in the cabneits. She grabbed a bag of crackers and walked towards the elevator. She looked out the windows of the elevator, seeing the distant lights of the city. She grabbed her stuff and her food, then walked towards her room. She felt grateful to her dad as she opened the sheets and laid on her bed. She opened the curtains, turning the TV on with the remote. She shut it off, and turned off the lights, the TV slowly going to the wall. She spread out on her bed, forgetting the days previous events. Her white blond hair wrapping around her bed, her eyes drifting her off to sleep.


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Re: Little Story I've Been Working On

Post by • Echo on Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:28 pm

I really thunk you should continue this, it's off to a great start in my opinion.
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