Vampire Kennel -- Is he the only one left?

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Vampire Kennel -- Is he the only one left?

Post by °∞ßlûē•ßãbÿ•Døll∞° on Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:15 am

The locker room was fiilled with shouts and echos. A dog lay in a corner of the shover room. Dark surrounded him. Vampire Kennel looked up to see nothing but he heard everything. Vampre got up slowly. Racing out of the shover room and stoping at a coner. Looking around it to see.... Nothing. Vampire Kennel sighed with relief. Walking through the door way and into the kichten. It seemed as if his hole life was a dream, like he wasent even born. After his owner died in a car accesdent, Vampire was lonely, and this big abandoned house was starting to get in his head. Hearing things. Seeing thing fall every now and then. Vampire looked out the window to see nobody out. This town was going to a ghost town. Which it is right now. No one here except him. Lonely as ever can be. Vampire walked throughout the house. Shadows began to pass by, he jumped and gasped. His breathing went fast. His claws unleashed, and his eyes wide wiith fear. HE whimpered and ran into his owners room and jumped on the bed, finding under to covers, and his head under the pillow tucking himself tightly into the covers. Vampire whimpered in fear and soon began to fall into a light sleep. He shaked in fear under the covers. To hear something laugh and run up the stairs in a flash. Vampire jumped to hear the door slam and lock in the room he was in. Not even caring to look like aways he kept his head under the pillow and sunk his paws closer to his body. He twitched and pushed himself cloer to the wall, closing his eyes tightly he sighed and went into a light sleep.
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