How Could This Happen to Me? [ My Twisted Romeo ]

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How Could This Happen to Me? [ My Twisted Romeo ]

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 27, 2011 3:58 pm

Listen to this song WHILE reading...

Reply if necessary.

The silence killed her. Even though the sirens sounded around her, everything to her was silent, except the slow beating of his heart. Her head hung over his limp body, hair falling around them as a tear rolled down her cheek. "Don't leave me..." she whispered to him and ran her slender fingers down the side of his cheek. The ambulences arrived and pulled her away, but she fought back, screaming, "Don't take him away from me! Please!" Tears of anger and sadness stung her eyes and left trails along her perfectly shaped cheeks. She reached for him as the loaded him into the ambulence. When the men from the ambulence let her go and walked back into their vehicle, she dropped to her knees in the pouring rain as the police cars and people left the scene. She threw her head up to the sky, rain stinging her face.
"Why, God, why?!" She screamed, dropping her head again and placing it firmly in her hands, tears running through her fingers and down her wrists, dropping silently into a pool of rainwater below them. She lifted her head and sniffled, wiping her red, swollen eyes, and looking around, imagining the happy moments they were spending before. Her life had just been on the brink of being happy, for once....
Right before she was about to become his, and he hers. They took him away. They ripped him from her life. The only one who ever cared about her, the only one she ever cared about. She shook violently as she tried to remember the touch of his lips, the sweet taste of his tongue. Instead, the only memories that came to her were the few minutes of his pain, then the slowing of his heartbeat, and the fading of his breath... The precious breath she'd felt breathing softly on her neck as they sat together watching the stars on those cloudless nights.
The same breath that had kept her feeling like she was worth something. The one who had kept her warm on those winter nights. She felt like she was fading slowly into the abyss. She laid down on the ground, hearing the deafening sound of the rain pounding against the concrete, as she watched the blood wash down the drains along the street curbs. She turned her head and looked around, everything fading to black and white. The colorless faces of amazed people who were finally starting to disperse themselves, leaving her alone. Not one came over to her and tried to comfort her and get her out of the frigid conditions of the outside. Although she didn't care anymore. If she was to die here, she'd be at peace. She only wished he had a slight chance of living; though she knew that the doctors would do everything in their power to keep him alive. He's not dead yet... she kept thinking to herself. She slammed her fists against the asphalt of the slippery roads.
She pulled herself up off of the ground, completely soaked, her hair clinging to the sides of her face, hiding the tears that still streamed down her face. She staggered to the curb and fell down. Nothing would ever be the same without him.

--- +++ 2 hours Later +++ ---

Her cell phone rang and she picked it up.
"Hello?" She said, her voice shaky. She sat up on the curb, her clothes finally dry, although it still sprinkled lightly.
"Is this Ms. Rogers?" the lady's voice asked. It sounded strained.
"This is she..." she said quietly, knowing what was going to come. Tears welled up behind her eyes again.
"I'm sorry to say that Jordan has---" She hung her cell up on the person.
"He's gone..." she told herself... "He's gone." She hung her head and laid on the curb.
And there, like her fiance, she died, as the rain started pouring again.

Her cell rang again only about an hour after her own death... A message was left on her cell:
"Ms. Rogers, I have great news!" it played. "Jordan has been successfully revived!"

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Re: How Could This Happen to Me? [ My Twisted Romeo ]

Post by BayMickey on Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:50 pm

I'm, I'm speechless. The end gives it a cruel twist. It's so sad. Um, wow. I love it.....
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