Ya'll Seriously Need to COOL DOWN and Read This

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Ya'll Seriously Need to COOL DOWN and Read This

Post by • Echo on Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:57 pm

All I can really say is "Wow.". I thought the fighting thing was pretty bad before, but I get back after a few months of hardly being able to get on and I finally get time to sift through new topics and all that, and all that I really see in some topics is people being complete jerks to one another and yelling at people who are trying to help them out by trying to get them to calm down. Honestly, it's like some people look forward to fighting! This is the same exact reason we go to court with one another: Because we can't solve our own problems. Is this fighting really getting so out of hand that you guys can't even sort it out yourselves, but have to get the handful of people who still come on everyday drug into it? You guys, just get over it! Really, don't come on if you're in a grouchy mood. Ask yourselves: Does bitching at others who you've never even met really make you feel better, or worse? If it makes you feel better... Well, then, I guess you just learned something about yourself. Honestly. If you're in a bad mood or something, go grab a bat and ball and take it to the backyard or the park, believe me, physical exercise makes you feel much better than yelling at people Wink. If someone yells at you or you want to yell at someone, just drop it and ignore it. And I guess I'm not just talking about on the site anymore, but everywhere, though I really hope you guys don't get into too many fights off of Horseisland... How do you guys even get into fights when you're RPing? Sheesh, you guys, I hate to say it, but learn some manners! Yelling gets you nowhere in life, I hope ya'll figure that out eventually.
And I just have one more thing to say: All you people who weren't involved in a fight are only making it worse by picking sides and posting topics telling people to quit fighting, as that's only adding fuel to the flames usually. If someone 'fights', let them sort it out themselves, just quietly tell them to take it to PM if they discuss it in a post. No drama involved, no fuel to the flames, no picking sides. Simple as that.

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