Milk's Favorite Cookie

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Milk's Favorite Cookie

Post by Guest on Tue Dec 07, 2010 7:08 pm

(For Faye)

Name: Milk's Favorite Cookie
Age: 8
Gender: Mare
Personality: Nice, Sweet, Kind, Wouldn't Kill Anything, Looking for the Right one, Willing to fix one's soul

My life was good. It was full of color and wonder. Surrounding me. But it was needing something. Missing something. I had had many mates before, for i was "Beautiful" All they cared about was what my foals would look like and how many years they would stay before they left for good. I was looking everywhere i went but never found the one that called to me in the exact way i wanted. "One day" I said to myself. "One Day my prince will come... And i need to promise myself that i am going to do anything to stay with him..."


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