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The New Born

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:16 am

    a intermediate-advanced canine/feline/fantasy/evangelic roleplay --------------[/blockquote]The year is [color:9776=833701]2020... but something isn't right.
    [blockquote]There's chaos in the city. No one knows what caused this epidemic to happen. The other cities are perfect. Nothing happened... so why did it only affect us? Why was Panamoor City the only city to have been struck by this disaster? It wiped out half of our population...two hundred and fifty thousand people to be approximate. There is so much confusion in the aftermath. So much grief...pain and a sense of loneliness like no other. What happened to us?[/blockquote][color:9776=933d00]PANAMOOR CITY is changing.... and not for the better.[blockquote]Vampires don't exist. It's just not possible. But today, on the streets, I saw one feeding. People have been seeing things happen, strange things that no one can really explain. There have been reports of lycans, angels and demons of walking the city during broad daylight. I can only think that they are freaks trying to gain attention, but then there are necromancers and mages using magic, yes magic, in broad daylight. This isn't supposed to be real. It can't be real.[/blockquote]What do these [color:9776=a24300]MARKS mean... genes have mutated.[blockquote]I don't understand this at all. People are being marked with odd tattoo's, but they dont all have the same color. Some do, and some don't. And then...strange things happen to them. They start changing. Scientists believe that somehow, during the epidemic, the surviving people had their genes mutated. But can we really be sure? Can we be absolutely sure? There must have been something...wait, what is that? Is that an Archangel? Wow...she is absolutely stunning. Who is that besides her? he a God of some kind?[/blockquote]Everyone has run out of [color:9776=ae4901]TIME... your heart is pounding.[blockquote]No. No this can't be...I have been marked and marked with a red tattoo. Research has shown that this is the mark of a demon. Am I really to become a demon? I do not want to change...I do not want to be marked. Oh God, if there is a God, can you save us? AHHH! The pain! It is in agonizing...what am i becoming? Fangs? Wings? Ohh, the hurts. I cannot bear it for much longer...what? What are these? Claws? Why...why am I suddenly hungry for...for flesh? Is that a hunter? No. No. I can't be...but I am...I'm a--[/blockquote]
    N E W B O R N
    marked and be forsaken. join us in our hunt for redemption.
    [blockquote][/blockquote]They are watching [color:9776=ae4901]YOU... snow leopards and wolves.[blockquote]Who are we? We are the guardians, the servants of the God and the Goddess. We keep the marked in line, pitting everyone against each other and fighting our own battle for dominance. We are the snow leopards, and we are the wolves. We walk the streets of the city feasting of flesh. If you cannot handle being a marked human, then why not join us in our animalistic hunger and rage? Canines and felines in a world where humans are supposed to rule. We welcome you should you choose our path instead.[/blockquote]



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