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Parallel Universes

Post by ZeldaWolfy on Wed Feb 08, 2017 8:14 pm

Parallel Universes
Parallel Universes is a brand new RP forum that is awaiting to be shaped and molded. The forum is a general RP forum with no true story, and is still in development with our universes and galaxies. We are taking suggestions seriously, and are hoping that the forum will be a great success as both a general RP forum, and a great advancement in a community sense. As of now, what the forum has implemented is:

1. Character Creation
There is a limitless amount of characters you may have, and this varies from any kind of species, as long as you own rights to it.

2. Galaxies and Planets
The idea of galaxies originated from my friend and I's own imagination. There are different galaxies describing all forms of life, and hopefully you can choose one that best suits you for roleplaying. No one is restricted to a specific galaxy, but there are race restrictions to some. Please remember that suggestions are available for adding new galaxies. As for planets, these are still to come, and will contain their own lore and whatnot. You may RP outside of a planet and still be within the galaxy, the choice is up to you and your creativity.

3. Guilds & Events
Events will be marked along the calendar, and guilds are an important part of this process. Once you form a guild, you'll be able to participate in guild-related events, win trophies for your guild, and gain great popularity among the community. If you choose not to participate in a event, that's perfectly fine too. Guilds have many benefits that are described under the F.A.Q. thread on the forum.

We are looking forward to you joining our forming community, and hope you're a great addition to Parallel Universes!
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