Hell Above [Remake]

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Hell Above [Remake]

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D e m e n t e d D e s p a i r

N a m e
Demented Despair

N i c k n a m e

A g e
His age is unknown, though said to be at least 800 years old.

G e n d e r

S p e c i e s

B r e e d
Immortal Tundra Wolf

B i r t h d a y
October 31st

S e x u a l O r i e n t a t i o n
He is straight.

Z o d i a c S i g n


P e r s o n a l i t y
The list goes on of how demented and horrid this sadistic beast really is. Despair has zero sympathy for others and feels no remorse in battle, his thirst for blood and murder making up his entire existence. He's unpredictable, you never know where he is, or when he may strike. That's what makes him so fearful, along with his size and silent, demonic eyes. Being the father of Scourge Misery, it only adds onto the fear and hate everyone feels for him and his hellish son, despite the fact that Scourge Misery hates him more than any wolf. Despair takes no interest it. His only reason for living is to cause pain and agony for others, and he likes it that way. He is sarcastic and unbelievable crude, finding humor and amusement out of pain, and annoyance out of gentle wolves. This being said, he is hard to get along with at all, and he tends to scare others away with his violent nature and threats.

The smallest of things can anger him, especially wolves that can't take a hint. He's dominant and controlling, though he can be sickly charming, which has gotten him a lot of attention from females in the past. He has no problem with forcing females, and that is really his only other intention, is to ruin the lives of young faes. There really isn't a soft side to Despair. He's one sided, heartless, and has even been named "The Devil Himself".

Despair could bring down your self esteem with one sentence, and not have an issue with it. Everything he says is cold, heartless, and untouched. As much as you could try to offend him, you can't. Despair has a huge ego, one much too large for anyone else to handle. Even so, don't attempt to give him attitude, because he will kill you before you can finish without any hesitation. Unlike his second eldest son, Scourge Misery, Despair was never driven to being evil, selfish, and overall an asshole. He takes pride in murder, causing pain, due to it being in his blood. It runs in the family. Despair was raised to be evil, to care about nobody, and to continue the family's heir.


F u r C o l o r
Beautiful silver color, with shades of black and white.

E y e C o l o r
Electric blue.

H e i g h t
7'2" feet tall, full height is 7'8" when angry.

W e i g h t

O v e r a l l A p p e a r a n c e
Demented Despair is absolutely massive, more than likely the largest of all Immortal beings. He is taller than even his son, Scourge Misery, though weighs slightly less than the Great White Beast. His body is packed with muscle, being tall, long, and very thickset. His body mass is supported by thick, muscular legs, a square sturdy chest, and a long tail to balance. Shaggy silver fur falls messily over his large frame, shaded with lovely blacks, greys, and whites all over his pelt. Despair's huge head is framed with a thick muzzle, large fluffy ears, and electrifying blue eyes. His strong jaws possess pearly white canines, razor sharp and his top fangs poke out slightly, always showing. His paws are large, round, and sport large long claws.


P a r e n t s
Demitrius[Father] Unknown
Sunburn[Mother] Alive

S i b l i n g s
Delusional[Brother] Alive


S t r e n g t h s
Very fast for his size
Incredibly dominant
Fantastic liar
Very charming
Very intelligent
Master at fighting

W e a k n e s s e s
Very impatient
Feels no empathy
Can be a forcer
Cares about nobody
Extremely impulsive


H i s t o r y
Like he would tell you.

L i k e s
Inflicting pain on others
The dark
Manipulating others

D i s l i k e s
Clingy wolves
Being beaten by anybody
Being outsmarted
Not getting his way
Scourge Misery
Helping others


M a r k i n g s
Many scars, and a torn ear.

M a t e s
Autumn Frost[Unknown]

P u p s
Hawk Flight[Unknown]
Scourge Misery[Alive]
Silent Night[Unknown]
Misery's Silence[Unknown]
(All bios have been made)


Q u o t e s
"You hear that? That's the beating of your living heart, not mine."
"You're not dreaming."

T h e m e S o n g
Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace
Demons by Imagine Dragons
Hell Above by Pierce The Veil



"It's not the nightmare people are afraid of. It's the fact they might not wake up."
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