The Odd One Out [R] [Sandalo]

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The Odd One Out [R] [Sandalo]

Post by P r o m i s e r on Tue May 31, 2016 10:19 am


D u r n a l

A massive black shape moved through the trees, emerald green eyes blazing as he dodged rocks and bushes, strong and thick muscles flexing underneath his thickset build. Behind him was a smaller wolf, only by 2 inches, following his leader quickly. "Would you slow down, Durnal? I'm about to pass out!" The white wolf panted. Durnal rolled his emerald eyes, and stopped dead in his tracks. "We must patrol the border quickly, Blaze. Rogues have been common this Winter." Durnal told his younger brother, before trotting on ahead, Blaze following at his side. The two padded side by side, their thick pelts ruffling in the wind. Coming to a slope and ravine, they stopped at the edge. Durnal's black pelt bristled at the sight he saw.

In the shadows lurked a dark brown rogue, his amber eyes gleaming as he watched the female and her pup. He sprung out of the bushes, landing in front of the fae. He scooped up one paw, flinging the young pup away into the snow, then sprung onto the female, pinning her down. Snarling viciously, you could see the foam around his muzzle. A sick grin formed, and he prepared to end the fae's life.

Durnal's eyes widened. He sprung forward and bounded down the slope, Blaze right on his tail. Durnal barreled into the rogue, emerald orbs blazing like cold fire. As the rogue stood up, Durnal snarled. "Who are you to attack a mother and her pup!?" Durnal demanded, standing like a skyscraper compared to this rogue. "Oh, well if it isn't Alpha Durnal? That fae and her puny pup were lurking around my territory!" He snapped back. Durnal took a step forward and growled low in his throat. "Your territory? If I'm not mistaken, you are a rogue." He stated strongly, but calmly. The rogue snarled, and lunged forward at Durnal. But the massive Leader side stepped the brute, and gave him a warning bite, before shoving him down, leaving him rolling away in the snow. "Leave my territory, and don't come back!" Durnal thundered. The male growled once more, before scurrying away, down the mountain slope.

Durnal turned to Blaze. "Blaze, check the pup and make sure he is alright!" Durnal ordered calmly. Blaze nodded, and walked over to the pup to help him. Durnal turned to look at the fae, concern clouding his mesmerizing gaze. "Are you alright?" He asked gently, but did not take a step forward, incase she was on guard. For his size, almost any wolf would be on guard. Durnal blinked, waiting for her to answer. His thick black pelt, not a single white hair specked in his fur, begun to flatten as he calmed, emerald eyes patient.


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