Bitter Silence [R] [Vamp]

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Bitter Silence [R] [Vamp]

Post by P r o m i s e r on Sun Apr 10, 2016 11:26 am


G e n o c i d e

Pearly white teeth collided together in an angry frenzy, thirst for blood and war fresh in the air as the two wolves circled each other, green eyes meeting blue every second, neither of them daring to look in a different direction. Genocide was tense and ready for the black brute to make a move, her beautiful creamy yellow colored pelt, usually silky and soft, was bristled like thousands of needles, daring her opponent to come any closer. She rotated her head to look behind her when the male, big, sturdy, and quite a bit larger than she, stuck. In a flash, the large black beast leapt at her, ready to sink his claws into her broad shoulders, is when Genocide ducked down, the brute barreling over her head only by a hair, and tumbling into the dirt in front of her. The female threw herself at the male, landing straight on his side, teeth snapping at his throat. He twisted, shook, and kicked Genocide many times in the gut to get her off, but with her razor sharp claws locked in his chest, it was tearing at his flesh. The brute lifted himself up, and threw Genocide off, her side colliding with the ground. She heaved for breath, green eyes glazed over as her vision blurred. The black figure moving towards her made her snap. She got up, right as claws ripped through her shoulder, and teeth barely missed her jugular. Summoning all of her strength and fury, Genocide whipped around, throwing the male off of her, his head smacking right into a nearby tree. She panted, sides heaving as crimson blood oozed from every wound on her body. It was when she heard angry snarls approaching she decided to leave, knowing she would be killed if she tried to take on anymore wolves, especially with injuries. She whipped around, and hightailed out of there, her large feet carrying her out of the clearing.


Genocide whipped and dodged rocks, leaped over logs, and ducked under branches, not making any attempt to turn around and fight back, the possibility of losing her life urging her to make a grand escape. If Genocide was anything, she was fast. It was rare a wolf came close to catching her. But with her breath heavy, and blood loss, she could feel the four other wolves gaining on her. The creamy female prayed to above she made it, and jumped, pummeling down the gorge and into the rushing river below, water engulfing her. She did her best to keep her head above the water, but with the strong current, it made keeping her head up for more than a couple seconds very difficult. She could see the four wolves above, snarling angrily as they glared down at her with hateful eyes. Genocide turned around, and swam with the current, making her journey that much easier.


For what seemed like hours, the massive female swam with the river, until shore could be seen and reached. Genocide pulled herself out of the water, heaving for breath and keeping a steady stance. Her head felt dizzy from everything that's happened, and it made her want to throw up. She growled to herself, and as rain began to fall upon her pelt, she sighed. Genocide loved the rain, much like her mother, Pelican, did. Blood continued to drip from her cuts, but she continued on, climbing up the deep slopes and out of the ravine, into well unknown territory. Thunder and lightning boomed above in the sky, the flashes reflecting off of her beautiful green eyes, the female not even flinching at the noise or bright lights. It made her feel at peace. Genocide trotted through the trees, her body feeling much heavier from the large loss of blood, head swimming, and eyes blurry. She coughed, doing her best not to heave, and collapsed on the muddy ground, looking up at the sky. The four year old female missed her family. Her father, her mother, her siblings. The last thing she was a figure approaching her, before she faded into blackness, and all thoughts were lost.



"It's not the nightmare people are afraid of. It's the fact they might not wake up."
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