Fire And Water [R] [OPEN]

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Fire And Water [R] [OPEN]

Post by P r o m i s e r on Wed Dec 23, 2015 1:39 pm

The bright, rising sun made the brute's orange pelt glow a radiant amber, fiery color, his fur ruffled from the light morning breeze of August, heat warming his skin and making his pads feel hot. Despite the warmth, the grass was a beautiful green color, still perked with health. Sparks stalked low to the ground, his paws carrying him through the tall grass slowly, coming closer and closer to the young doe. His metallic green-blue eyes narrowed into slits as he moved faster, still no sound being made. He launched himself forward, large sturdy body landing perfectly on the back of the deer, knocking it off balance. With one quick snap of Sparks' powerful jaws, the doe was dead, a fine meal made for both him and- "Well it's about time!" A voice called, interrupting Sparks' thoughts entirely. Turning his head, he looked to where a smaller male approached him, pelt as white as snow, and eyes as orange as Sparks' pelt. "Oh shut up, Blakey. I made the smarter choice of going after deer instead of rabbits." Sparks remarked, smirking at his brother. Blake snorted, and shook his head. "Come on, you big hotshot, let's get back to our den before other wolves move in on it." He murmured. Sparks sighed irritably, and followed the smaller brute with the doe still latched between his jaws.


Blake stretched his lean muscles, jaws opening into a big yawn, showing off his pearly whites. "How is it you manage to catch more prey than I do in a shorter amount of time?" He asked Sparks, sitting back on his haunches. The fire-colored wolf looked up at him with bright eyes. "Simple. I'm bigger, stronger, more accurate, and don't go running after prey that could outrun me." Sparks replied as if it was as obvious as could be. Blake flattened his ears. He knew it was true. Despite Sparks being born after him, Sparks was still bigger and stronger, better fighter, and much stealthier. He sighed, shaking his head. Sparks' eyes softened. "We can still hunt together, you know.. I could teach you some techniques that could help you catch faster prey." He offered, but Blake just ignored him. Sparks snorted. And he's supposed to be the mature one, Sparks thought. Oh well, what are you gonna do? The bigger brother stood, and shook his pelt out. "I'm off to find somethin' to do. It's boring here." Sparks muttered, racing off without another word. He ran down to the river, his favorite place to swim, and leaped carelessly into the water, oblivious to the female sitting by the riverbank. Popping his head out of the water, his eyes widened. Dragging himself out of the water, he stood a few feet away from her. "Oh, my apologies, love! I didn't see you there," he exclaimed, tilting his head.


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