My Secrets are Just Out of Reach (Open! )

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My Secrets are Just Out of Reach (Open! )

Post by Lottii on Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:06 pm

The rain slowly came down in a blanket of mist, obscuring and clinging to everything in a hazy, pale fog, making the trees mere coal silhouettes. The sun sat silently behind the clouds, not yet brave enough to come out and fend off the fog. It cast strange dappled shadows on the carpet of leaves, what little light that could filter through the canopy and spotlight the winding deer tracks that neatly wove through the forest. The blonde hummed quietly, her wheat-gold hair damp and hanging limply down her back, light eyes set on the path ahead. She was a lean thing, tall, one that ghosted along like she was a mere phantom herself.

(Okay, so this can be in any time era. E.g. medieval, modern, whatever. Preferably a romantic feel to it, like a knight or her boyfriend comes or whatever. Happy to follow whenever it leads.)

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