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Born for Something

Post by WildSoul on Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:07 pm

Name:عاشق الجميل (Beautiful Lover)
Stable name: Rose
Age: Depends on topic/thread
Gender: Filly/mare
Personality traits:
*Small temper
*Friendly to humans
*Can be bossy towards horses
Pedigree: Wild horses, she was picked off with several others for auctions.
A fine Egyptian Arabian mare when it comes to confirmation, but she lacks a fancy blood line and decent height. Barley standing at 14 hands Rose is a very dainty and delicate creature, like fine China. Despite this she seems to suffer from a Napoleon complex and attempts to assert herself as boss around other mares and geldings. She has a flea bitten coat with a short mane and long tail. She also owns the fancy trot some Arabians get.

Rose is open for threads dealing with humans and other horses, whether wild or not. Her age depends on the plot of the thread, but she ranges from 1-4 years old. I prefer threads in which she has an owner invested in Arabians and crosses.

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