Like The Wind [R] [JunKy]

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Like The Wind [R] [JunKy]

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"You player! You monster! You-" A gray wolf barked to get the female to shut up, smirking cockily and interrupted her with silky smooth words, "save your breath, babe. It's your own fault for falling so fast." He gave her a wink, his glowing amber eyes dancing with mischief as he watched the golden brown female snarl, and raise her hackles aggressively. "Get off of my territory!" She roared, taking a threatening step forward, only increasing Vero's amusement. "It's adorable when ya' get mad, Maya. I'm sure someone will find it worth spending his time on." Vero snipped, before turning around, his bushy gray tail the last of what she could see, before he disappeared in the trees. The female's pearly white fangs bared, as tears sprung in her eyes, before whirling around and stomping into her den. Meanwhile, Vero was on his way for some adventure, and some female to screw around with. Those were his ways. Find a fae, flirt a little, have a little fun with them, then break another heart. He was a bit of a tramp, in any other term to be used. Vero shook his head and raced faster through the trees and moors, his silky colorful whipping around in the windy breeze.

-Two weeks later-

Vero padded through the fog, his paws barely visible in the moist substance lingering on the Earth's surface, his amber eyes clouded but bright in the thick air. He made his way over to a stream, watching little fish swim through it quickly. Bending his large cranium down, Vero lapped up the cold water into his mouth, quenching his thirst as he had been aiming to do for the past few hours. For an Autumn day, it was quite warm, but the cold breeze made up for that. Vero lifted his head at the sound of a snap, and he looked around, lashing his tail, listening for any other sounds. He heaved in a breath through his nose, the scent of a female lingering in his nose. Of course! I knew I smelt a pack nearby, Vero thought to himself, a mischievous grin forming on his maw. He could only help but let a small chuckle out, knowing that his good look and charm is enough to fluster any female. Here we go again...


"It's not the nightmare people are afraid of. It's the fact they might not wake up."
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