Shadows and Regrets (Open-M)

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Shadows and Regrets (Open-M)

Post by LoveOnHerArms on Mon Jul 21, 2014 5:34 am

"I hate the cold" The figure muttered their breath nothing but a puff of steam in the chilly air. A black stocking hat was pulled low over the Alex's ears, her dirty blond hair was in a braid stuffed under the hat to keep her head warm and to keep her hair out of her face. If she hated one things it was being cold. Waring a black carhartt coat with the collar up to help with the freezing wind, thermals under old warn jeans with boots on her feet. She had a pair of plain black gloves the kind you could get at walmart for five bucks and it came with a second pair but she couldn't grip anything very well in them so she took them off and shoved them into her pockets. Sitting back on her heels the woman waited looking out the window with sharp green eyes, if you got close enough to her you could see they had gold flecks in them but anyone who got that close to her rarely lived.

She was sitting in a old abandoned brick building waiting for her target to come along. It was a rich man that had a thing for the ladies and cocaine, she had done her homework and found out he loved going to a club few knew about. It was in one of the building that was supposed to be abandoned but it was turned into a club of sorts. One with plenty of girls,drugs and few rules. Apparently someone in the government wanted this powerful man dead, Alex didn't ask much and didn't care. It was a job that paid well and she got to take out some scum, it was a win win for her. "Should have gotten some coffee.." She muttered before blowing into her cold hands and watched. How much longer could this man stay in there? He had already been in there all night and most of the day, it was almost four now, Alex had been waiting for him all day and was getting stiff sore and hungry. Muttering some choice words in Russian Alex was thinking about packing up and just killing him tomorrow but finely the doors opened and a group of people walked out.

"Finely" Grabbing her sniper rifle she moved around silently so just the tip of the barrel was out the window and lined up her shot. "There you are.." She breathed out finger on the trigger the tip of her tongue poking out of the corner of her mouth. A habit she formed when she was first learning how to shoot any sort of weapon. She waited a second for someone to move out of her shot before her finger eared back the trigger, the muffled shot from her rife sounded and a second later the man was sprawled out on the ground a dime sized hole between his eyes that oozed blood. The screams and shouts from around was a blur to Alex as she quickly broke down her rifle tossed it into a little duffel bag and took off across the room she had been in. Running down the stairs she calculated how long she had before the police would show up or any of the guards at the club would figure out where the shot came from. She had a little time.

A ghost of a grin came onto her lips as she ran to one of the side doors in the building. Her car was just a block away, opening the door she slipped out and sucked in a breath her eyes widening slightly in surprise to see a man standing in the entrance of the ally a gun pointed at her. "Don't move honey or I'll kill you" His vice was smooth and deep while a hint of daring in it. He was daring her to move and do something, well and the girl couldn't say no to that now could she? "Oh honey you have it the wrong way" She told him in a purr, eyes sparking corners of her lips curved into a dark grin, her left hand inched to the wait line of her jeans to grab her nine millimeter handgun. What happened next took seconds, the man's eyes held a little doubt in them and hidden fear. He hesitated, probably raised the right way, she almost felt sorry for him, but he never stood a chance. That extra second she got from his hesitation she used, pulled her gun out and shot him in the chest a second before he fired his own gun. Pain exploded on her right side getting her to stagger back a few steps before her mind caught up. He shot her! That cocky ass had actually hit her! Gritting her teeth she pressed the hand that was holding the duffel bag to her side and shoved her gun and other hand into her pocket.

Forcing herself to move she walked out of the ally past the now dead man. A stream of cuss words came from her while she forced herself to walk keeping pressure on the wound while her thermal and shirt started soaking up the blood. "Dammit to hell" She hissed hearing the police sirens, that man had used up her free time. No room for mistakes now. Breathing a little heavier some of the color drained from her lightly tanned face, the girl didn't stop forcing herself to keep moving until she got to the car she had 'found' Yanking open the drivers door she tossed the duffel bag in before siding into the seat letting out a hiss in pain before unzipping her coat and groaned looking down at her side. She was hit in the right upper abdominal and bleeding badly. "Well fucking perfect" She pulled off her shirt while swearing from the pain before balling it up and pressing it to her side. After that she turned the car on and forced herself to drive. She didn't have a choice in the matter.

Going to a hospital was out of the question and it wasn't just her deep hatred for hospitals either, if she went in with a gun wound the doctors had to fill out a report about it and the police would be told. So she drove out of the city with the windows rolled down and the heaters on full blast. She had drove almost forty miles before Alex couldn't see clearly anymore. Her breathing had gotten more labored as she yanked the car onto a gravel road and drove down it until she spotted a old looking barn. That would work, she could hide the car and hide out in the barn, patch herself up and then leave no one would be the wiser. It was getting dark now, the sun slowly setting while she hide the car behind the barn and fell out of the car. Groaning Alex staid on her knees for a moment her hand gun tucked back into the waist of her jeans, one hand pressing the balled up bloody shirt to her side while the other gripped the duffel bag. "Get to your feet Banks" She growled at herself as she got to her feet, stumbling to the barn she barley got the door open before slipping in.

Staggering Alex swallowed hard looking around looking for a safe place to hide. That was not a easy thing to do when you couldn't see clearly and your body was threatening to pass out on you. She forced herself to take a couple more steps before her knees buckled and everything went black. Her hat was half on her head blond hair poking out while the end of her braid was next to her cheek.

(Not picky on who finds her, could be retired assassin or military man, a farmer, or a active assassin or military man. Please give me something to work with. Maybe at lest half of what I wrote would be nice.)


My I.D.:

<First Name~
<Middle Name~
<Last Name~
<Full Name~
Alex Joy Banks.
Green eyed ghost
Sharp green with gold flecks in them.
A scar going across her right cheek, roughly two inches long, Freckles splashed across her cheeks and nose, various scars on her.
Dirty blond, goes about to the middle of her back.
Alex is a loner, doesn't play well with others and prefers to work alone. She's rough around the edges and seems careless, blunt very sarcastic and rude, keeps her emotions pushed down deep and blocks them out a lot of the time. She's polite and almost sweet to strangers or someone she runs into on the street but don't let that fool you. She has this silent rage inside, theres a line you don't cross and if you do, you pray for your life. She's ruthless when on a job, will kill someone without blinking. Yet she does have a heart somewhere inside her, she refuses to kill children and most women.

"Are you scared of the dark?"

* * * * * * *
* * * * *
* * *


Quick on her feet.
Can use almost any weapon.
Shows no fear, and almost fearless.
Light and quick.
Thinks on the run.
Her temper.
Her big mouth
Her pride.
Somethings make her freeze up.
Bottling up her feelings.
The beach.
Gun shops.
Sleeping in.
Warm chocolate chip cookies.
Quickly finishing a job.
Fast cars
Cocky men.
People that send her to clean up their messes.
Not doing a job right.
Abusive people.

James Banks
Hannah Banks
Both dead.
Alex had a good childhood with loving parents until one night when she was nine, her parents and her went to the movies and on the way home a drunk driver smashed into their car head on, then caused a eight car pile up.Her parents died almost instantly, leaving Alex in the back seat knocked out with a nasty head wound, broken ribs and her right leg was broken in three different places. She spent almost two months in a hospital and now she wont even step foot in one unless shes forced or drugged. With no one to take care of her, she was sent to a orphanage, she lived in the orphanage for a year before a man came and adopted her. She had been thrilled to be part of a family again, but it wasn't what she thought. Mr Collens had adopted her a 'program' One that used orphan kids.  It wasn't like in the comics where she was brained washed right off and sent out to kill someone. Mr Collens and the others that did the 'program' were nice to the kids, they worked on the kids minds slowly, putting ideas and thought into their heads until the kids seemed to forget about their past and didn't think for themselves. Alex was a highly trained assassin by the time she was fourteen. When she was sixteen she had been given a job that put her back in the real world, wanting her to watch her target for a month or so before she took the target out, well at the end of the months Alex had desisted that she liked being able to make her own chooses and have a 'normal' life. So she died...Became a ghost to the 'program' With all her files gone she didn't exists to them anymore, and Alex had made sure she didn't and they left her alone.

Now at twenty two she had a somewhat normal life, only the one thing she found out that she couldn't stop doing was being the only thing she knew how. A assassin, only now she worked on her own terms, was a freelancer to those who could pay for her. The only person she really answered to was a man that set jobs up for her, he took care of all the boring work like talking to the person that wanted to hire her. She checked up on the target and then picked when and where she'd take the target out. She was known in that dark world.
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