Leave And Let Die {M}

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Leave And Let Die {M}

Post by Bravado on Fri Feb 07, 2014 5:08 pm

{ This RP, is set in the 1600's, You're character can be anything Smile}

She wandered around the outskirts of the village, her tiny frame easily hidden in the brush. She looked down as her stomach grumbled, sighing. She sat down leaning against a tree, reminiscing about the times she spent with her mother, the times when she didn't have to scrounge food, didn't long for warmth. Cassidy, the name her mother gave her, stood up dusting her simple dress down. It was a light blue with a lace decoration covering her shoulders. Her long ginger hair, cascading down her back and her emerald green eyes, shining in the oddly cold sunlight.

Cassidy could smell the freshly cooked bread, and the meats roasting over the open fires, she decided to exit the trees and walk through the town, unsure of the people around her, she was fairly scared. She pulled out her patch, which held whatever gold remained inside. She bought a small, slightly burnt loaf of bread and a few slices of meat. As she sat down near a cobble stone well, an equally skinny dog sat beside her. It looked up to her with pleading eyes and she chuckled, Even though she was starving she passed the meat to the dog. The dog took the meat gently and ate it quickly and then lay beside Cassidy, it's head resting on her feet.

Cassidy finished part of her small loaf and then passed the rest down to the skinny dog. She slowly stood up, giving them time to move their head and patted the dog one more time, realising it was a female. She smiled and said " Good girl.." As she began to walk further down the street, she heard skidding claws come sprinting after her, she turned to find the dog bounding towards her, she crouched in time for the dog to bowl them both over the floor, She again chuckled and said " Okay, you can stay with me...Ida.. How's Ida sound ..  ?  "  The dog's tail wagged in agreement her eyes shining in glee, as she found her new owner.

Cassidy dusted herself off and headed back towards her spot in the woods, her mothers old cabin... Ida in toe..


(Sorry it is not more xD )
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