The yearly Dragon auction. (G-PG13)

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The yearly Dragon auction. (G-PG13)

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 17, 2014 11:18 am
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She took a deep breath and attempted to walk in with a confident walk. She was here for cheap wingless dragons under the price of $100. Her hope was little but she wouldn't give up on finding something suitable. Her feet carried her to the already auctioned dragons who hadn't sold. For these all you had to do was lay down the desired cash and go, no bidding or competition. It was much more laid back and easy for a poor women.

Brown eyes found the sign pointing towards cheaper Dragons. She turned left going into the aisle, there wasn't many in these stalls and most were empty. However, she stopped every time she saw an affordable price to peer in. Their were Cow Dragons, Ox Dragons, and all sorts of the basic types.


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