A Silent Trance (OPEN) [R/M]

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A Silent Trance (OPEN) [R/M]

Post by Tayssi on Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:36 am

The slender grey mare tore through the forest, her small but strong hooves assaulting the leaves and dirt beneath them, but barely leaving any tracks. Her grey tail fanned out behind her, whipping against her hind legs on occasion due to the wind. Ears flicking back and forth, the 15hh Akhal-Teke mare listened out for any signs of followers. However, all she could hear were the calls of small birds. Slowing to a trot, careful to keep quiet despite the dried, dead leaves. The air was cold and when she stopped, she noticed her breath came out in a puff of steam. Winter had set in. Glancing up at the sky, Trance saw the clouds, dark and heavy and she knew it would snow soon. Which, unless the it was a snow storm, she would leave easy tracks to follow. Her dark eyes watched the clouds rolling into each other and she couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to be a cloud. To be free in the sky. Dismissing the thought, Trance shook her head and snorted, looking behind her. She couldn't see nor hear anybody following her. Sighing in relief, the mare took a step forward and then walked off, careful to keep her steps as light as possible as to make less noticeable tracks.

She had managed to get into trouble with some wranglers who had chased for a good hour or so. She couldn't blame them, though. Finding a blue blooded Akhal-Teke was rare in the wilderness. If she had escaped the stud farm when she was 3, she would have been with the humans. However, after a storm, a fence had broken in her paddock and she took the chance and escaped, a couple other mares escaping as well, but they all went their separate ways. Shaking her head, Trance stopped at a semi clear puddle and lowered her muzzle into it to have a drink. Flicking her tail, it struck her withers and she snorted as her muscles quivered at the touch. Raising her head, water dripping from her grey muzzle, she continued on, careful to step over the puddle. Her body was sleek, the body of an athlete. Her ears flicked back ad forth and she ventured through the forest almost silently to find some decent grass to eat.
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Re: A Silent Trance (OPEN) [R/M]

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 07, 2014 4:20 pm


I looked through the tree's seeing and smelling the filly. My muscles rippling under my black shiny coat, my head bowing in dominance as I trotted towards her. I flared my nostrils as I came up to her and sniffed her being careful to avoid her hooves but I'd show her is she tried to kick or bite me. I was a proud Arabian stallion looking for a mare to start a herd of my own and have children.


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