The Deeper You Dig, The Darker It Gets

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The Deeper You Dig, The Darker It Gets

Post by Wolfy on Fri Oct 25, 2013 6:17 pm


Full Name - Aaron Blake Harper
Goes By - Aaron 
Age - 23
Height - 5'12
Build - Lean, rather tall
Eye Color - Darkish Blue
Hair Color - Black
Race - Vampire
Family - His mother is his only living family [she's a vampire as well]
Relationship[s] - None
Sexual Orientation - Bi sexual 
Occupation - Online designer of sorts
Pets - His mother has a Scottish Fold cat, which he takes care of enough to call it partly his. Click Here Credit To
Date of Birth - January 20
Curiosities - Readily puts him or her self in the way of danger without careful consideration, quotes favorite movies and can usually identify the movie that a quote may come from, writes with left hand, but does everything else right-handed. He preys only on 'bad' people if he can help it.
Personality - Aaron loves to have fun, there's really no other way to put it. He's incredibly sweet, and will always do what he can to help. Defends others with a passion, and flirts unknowingly at times. His temper is buried deep, but to put it metaphorically, some people have a bigger shovel with him than others. 
Piercings - Spider bites, and small ear guages.
Species - Vampire
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