White Wolf Crystal - The Last God

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White Wolf Crystal - The Last God

Post by DraconisSiirexus on Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:06 pm

The thunder clapped as a child, covered in blood, stood there weakly with tears dropping. "I don't wanna fight, so please...just let me go...!" She shouted, a woman standing there with an evil smirk. "Little one, i can't simply let you go! One you've grown up enough, your eyes will change color, that being a sign you know of your godly powers. Once that happens, the Wolf Gods will begin to be born anew and they will gain control again, but we won't allow it. Your death signifies that they are to be gone, so you will die!" The woman said and struck the ground, the child trying to run, her eyes fading for a change, but when she she fell, curling up as she sat up yet quickly got trapped inside a large, white crystal, shutting her eyes as she curled up inside, crying as she was finally encased. "Finally, the last Wolf God, the god of Light and Lightning is gone and a new age shall begin!" The woman called out, her hair blowing behind her as she left, the bodies of the remainder of gods laid around the crystal, though her brother was missing, hiding.

As weeks turning to months, and months turned to years, it became a hundred years as she was in the crystal, storm clouds never floating away from where she stood yet never rained, only clashed with thunder as her soul felt a presence, one that could reach her, so she began to use her spirit to reach out, which made the wolf tooth necklace around her neck glow. Reaching the dreams of the one she was to be saved, she appeared with the landscape as them both in the middle of a thunder cloud, her in a ball of light. Looking to the creature, she began to cry while a large and pure white holy scarf wrapped around her, the clouds of the dream crashing. ''Please...Help me...Please....Search for the White Wolf Crystal...." She said, her voice soft and shall as she faded from the dream, her energy drained again as the crystal sapped her energy slowly, her tooth no longer glowing as she went into a soft nap. Her body's spirit beginning to roam as a transparent hologram, unable to go to her physical self now until she is released.

((She is the last Wolf God, needing to reach the calling point where she can summon the other Wolf Gods and her brother back to the world and restore peace with them. I need either a male human or male furry to do this, since the world has both of 'em. If wanna join, just post the character; ya don't have to ask me.))
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