Gone for a While

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Gone for a While

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:15 pm

Hello again, all my wonderful friends. As you may have realized, I have not been on for a while. I'm sorry for not reply to any of the topics. Yet, I am writing this to say a bit of a goodbye. As most of you know, I am back and school, and have many advanced classes. It's hard to keep up with these, and my online life. So without further ado, I am here to say I'm taking a break. I will only be on here, maybe once, or twice a week. I might not be able to reply at those times, but I'm always up for chatting. Also I will be dropping many of my topics. The ones I will be keeping, will be posted below. I am just taking a break for school, so this is not yet a permanent goodbye. But until later, Goodbye!

The Topics I will be keeping:
(If it is made into a topic)

Running out of Moonlight

The Fallen

Three's Company

All Natural

RP with Durnal

If I become more active, I will probably have more than these, but for now, this is it. Thank You for reading this, and be patent.


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Re: Gone for a While

Post by P r o m i s e r on Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:06 pm

Awe, goodbye Kenz! Good luck with school! <3


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