A "Collared Wolf" [M]

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A "Collared Wolf" [M]

Post by DraconisSiirexus on Thu Aug 01, 2013 1:43 pm

Nekos, in this world, were ranked as slaves or "pets". It was a bit like the arabian age where men had multiple female servants, and in this snow land it was just the same. There were also large wolves that were tames as mounts as well as dragons and horses as well. There were some pet shops that were like nomads and traveled the lands, giving up pets to those who are deemed worthy and sometimes they even auction them off for money. There were some pets that would escape, though they would end up captured again and taken back to their owners, only to receive punishment. Their world was like an old age, for it was, and had some pets who despised their ranks and became travelling fighters who fight for their freedom and do not stay where they must.

One wolf neko here, named Siire, was in a sticky situation. She was a travelling fighter pet, yet her comrades left her behind because she seemed fit to be tamed and got spotted by pet merchants, making her day bad, plus she was a profitable pet for people that have owned never saw here again. She was mostly the adopted "princess" of the kingdom near by yet she hated the title and wanted to escape. "Seems their princess didn't like that she was of royalty even though she is of a pet's blood. Did they do something she didn't like? Oh wait, i forgot; when they bought you from my master, he said that if you leave the city without guards, your giving yourself up to us." Said a woman pet as she walked forward and grabbed her weapon and had the men take hold of her. "They did; their forcing me to marry a perverted bastard that is titled prince from another land, though i know he's slept with over twenty women and finds me the 'masterpiece of lust' or whatever! Now, unhand me you vile people; i don't belong to you!...." She shouted, but got punched in the gut, making her pass out. "They adopted  you as a child last time so we couldn't do anything, but since your a woman now Siire, we'll make you a true slave." She muttered in her ears and they took off with her to a pet merchant camp to torture her and make her a real pet.
((requires either a human or another neko, doesn't matter as long as its a guy. Just understand that female nekos are the only gender and species to make a pet, so you can't be a pet.))
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