Chaos In Its Own Way

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Chaos In Its Own Way

Post by Ren on Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:57 pm

*Image deleted due to copyright infringement.*

~Name~ Silvie
~Age~ 19
~Gender~ Female
~Personality~ Silvie is overall a good person but she is definitely a free spirit. On a good day she is friendly, outgoing, flirtatious, witty, curious, helpful, open, compassionate, loyal, and honest. She enjoys socializing, casual drinking, dancing, and a good laugh. She is typically well mannered, respectful, kind and will jump at the chance to assist someone. She loves everything nature and can almost always be found out exploring, horse back riding or meeting new people. She is usually pretty quick to trust and make friends. She is one to avoid conflict if she can but will act as a mediator or neutral party in disagreements. Silvie believes in doing the right thing and putting others before herself more often than not. She is an enthusiastic, hard worker and has been known to burn herself out putting her all into her work. She isn't afraid to get down and dirty and will willingly get into playful sparring bouts. She's intelligent, detail oriented, observant and loves to learn. She tends to be open minded about everything. She has a slight "sixth sense" of sorts where she can kind of pick up on the emotions of others, she reads people (and animals) well. She has a special way with animals, especially horses. She has a protective, motherly side and likes children but is often unsure how to handle them.
On a bad day Silvie is easily annoyed, sarcastic, snappy, rude, indifferent, and blunt. She can come occasionally off a little aloof and "in her own little world", especially when around her horse. She doesn't like being cooped up or limited. She likes to have more freedoms to think and do as she pleases. She can have quite the temper and will curse and throw insults if someone can manage to push her buttons enough to rile her up that far. She is easily flustered but it's her stallion knows how to bring her to the end of her rope the fastest. Kenna does not appreciate those who are intolerant, egotistical, rude or cruel without justification. When faced with new situations she usually adapts smoothly but can sometimes be afflicted with, embarrassment, nervousness, self consciousness and awkwardness that makes her less social than normal. When sad or hurt she tries to play tough and hide her emotions. She will try to be stronger than she really is. Her biggest fear is losing her horse. If anyone were to harm Dust they would automatically become an enemy for life. She does not easily forgive and forget and can hold a mean grudge though she's not petty and doesn't often spread rumors. She is more for battling it out with words rather than physically confronting someone, but if driven to it she will attack and defend her and her own.
Dust~ *Image deleted due to copyright infringement.*
Personality~ Dust is a raven black morgan stallion who is nearly 5 years old. He is not only Silvie's mount and main form of transportation but her loyal companion and friend. The two are rarely ever apart from each other. Dust is very intelligent and has a weakness for carrots. He sometimes will misbehave and cop and attitude and likes to pester mares
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Re: Chaos In Its Own Way

Post by Saviour on Wed Jun 05, 2013 9:24 am

*Image deleted due to copyright infringement.*

James 'The Gargoyle' Thatcher



-- Appearance--
If you get the chance to see him without his mask or hood, James is a fairly handsome man. He has pale blue eyes and a fair/lightly tanned complexion, as well as short grey hair. He has scars on his back, but the most noticeable of his markings is the long scar from below his right temple which reaches down to and along his jaw.



--Weapon of Choice--
Close Range_ Scimitars
Long Range_ Crossbow

Few can say that they've ever truly gotten to know him, but those who have would describe James as quick-witted, impatient, disciplined, and more than a little intimidating. His silence is what gets most people and can often drive his targets to near insanity. However, if he sees you as a real friend, Thatcher can not only be protective, considerate, and selfless but also humorous and sometimes flirtatious. He get's uncomfortable whenever he is around children, though, and prefers to stay as far away from them as possible. Around them, he is always afraid he'll do something wrong or get one of them hurt.

Contrary to what most like to believe, James lived a completely normal life. He isn't damaged or conflicted, and certainly doesn't have 'daddy-issues'. He lived in a small town with his mother, father, and two siblings until he was around 13. At that time he had grown bored of tending to the mediocre tasks around the village and ran away, only to be found by the elven man who became his mentor for the next 5 years. The drow, who when by the name Drizzt, taught him everything he knows about fighting, survival, defense, and even a small bit of illusionary magic. However, they were separated before he could ever become a proper mage. Currently, James is quite the nomad. He's been all over and never stays in one place for very long unless the jobs there are considerably intriguing. He accepts any kind of work and has earned his nickname, The Gargoyle, after his last few assassinations. Coming out mainly in the dark, he prefers to crouch on the rooftops and wait for his targets to pass beneath him before he makes any move to attack.
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