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Rules of Horse Island

Post by themagus on Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:17 pm

HI Rules

These rules are mandatory, every poster on this site must abide them. ‘I didn’t know’ won’t count as an excuse.

Most of this is just common sense, Please keep in mind that these aren't rules so much as they are tips for living a happy life here... and making things easier and more pleasant for the rest of us!

Always act civil. Rule number one in any sort of community is to remain polite, no matter how heated a discussion or situation can get. Once you cross the line from civil behavior to rude, offensive or insulting behavior, a conversation can quickly turn into a flaming match. Flaming is very much against the rules.

Respect other and be mindful in discussions, everyone’s entitled to an opinion just like you are.

Keep personal problems personal. If you have an issue with someone take care of it using Private Messages, there’s no need to inflict it on everyone else.

Give credit where credit is due.

Post in the most appropriate forum.

Stay on topic and post actual content.

Try to keep your posts as clean as possible.

While we do encourage creativity and freedom of speech, use common sense when posting an RP.

Do not double post or constantly bump threads, keep it measured.

If you title your RP in any way that can be misconstrued as being offensive to others you will be asked to change the title.

Inappropriate usernames, avatars, and signatures are not allowed.

No advertising outside of the advertising thread and no selling on this site.

No multiple accounts permitted.

Piracy is illegal!

We are an English speaking site, please do not use another language.

Do not re-post locked threads, both will be deleted.

We also ask you to do as the staff say, even when it’s against your personal opinion.

Topic Rating

In the title of your threads you MUST put the rating beside your title. This will be enforced now by the staff. This will help everyone know what they're getting into before they start posting.

Here are the ratings,

G – General audiences. Suitable for ALL ages
PG – Parental guidance suggested. Brief language okay, maybe a bit of sexual tension here and there, some violence
PG13 – Parental guidance suggested for kids younger than 13. Teenagers and mature people can handle this

Alright, so those aren't really a big deal, but these ones are!

R – Restricted. Dirty stuff! Here you can have pretty much all that. Sex, swearing, violence, drugs alcohol etc’
M – Mature. Descriptive and detailed swearing, violence and sex, so just R but more.

No changing once you start the RP unless you have permission from BOTH parties, where ALL players must send a message to a staff member.

Claiming a Territory

1- When you claim a territory make sure to tell the staff, we're the ones who'll change the ownership of the territory eventually.
2- Claiming a territory can only be done via characters, the territory can not be owned by more than one character per user.
3- If two or more users want to own the same territory the final arrangement between those players will be sent to the staff, that's for us to know what to write in the ownership section. (For example - A male and female alphas sharing a territory)
4- When challenged for a territory the owner has a week to respond, if the owner don't respond in the matter of 7 days the territory will be taken by the claimer, users absence periods wouldn't count as any of those 7 days, ofcourse.
5- The owning character is allowed to intervene with other topics in his/her territory and is allowed to invite guests who will be protected by the owner - you mess with the guest, you mess with the boss.

Biography Skeleton
We use bios to create our characters, the most basic musts for a bio to be ready for a roleplay are:
And Description

Please abide this rule, especially when asked for. Not having this skeleton complete, even in a very simple way can get your thread locked.

Some tips for surfing the internet
Now, we all know that the Internet can be a sketchy, or dodgy place to be. You can talk to all sorts of people all over the world, just by logging into the same website. Remember that you don't know these people personally, and you can't see them. You really don't have any idea who they are. Do you always tell them things about yourself? NO, Never! Don't be one of those people telling everything about yourself the moment you log in. This doesn't mean you can't make friends on the Internet, or have fun with them. Here are some tips to help keep you safe.


If you meet someone new, do not tell them your full name immediately, phone numbers, , years ... credit card information. Please....don't. Phone numbers can be tracked easily, one bad piece of information given away and all the wrong people can grab that.


Don't be telling everyone what you do on a daily basis, your school, your work. Your routine, what time you come home. Where you hang out, who you live with. No, no.


Please do not fill out questionnaires on the site. Those are a big no no as well. Even with friends.


There is no such thing as privacy on the Internet, everything you write and do is put out for the public to see and read. Any picture you post can be saved, and even after you delete it stranger might still have it stored on their computer. Do not reveal details about your location to anyone!


Remember, conversations can be saved in the chat box and this is accessible to all. Be extra careful there!

Stay safe and happy posting!


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