A Ghost Of Hooves [PG-13] (open)

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A Ghost Of Hooves [PG-13] (open)

Post by Tayssi on Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:06 am

Name: Phantom
Age: 3007
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Horse Spirit ? ? ?
Appearance to others: In those who do not believe, Phantom looks just like a regular white andalusian stallion. However, those who do believe, can see him for what he truly looks like. A white stallion tainted with a blue tainting and markings over his body. He has eerie blue eyes that seem to look into your very soul. His mane and tail sem to float, only centimetres from touching his body.
Persnality: Phantom is wise an calm. He's patient and forgiving. He almost seems like an angel to others, never raising his voice or getting angered. However, though he may be like this, there are times in which Phantom does get mad. And you don't won't to see it. He is terrifying and frightens everyone away. Phantom does not like others very much and prefers not to speak, however, he may speak to those who believe and can see him for who he truly is... May.
Other: There is a legend of a ghost horse that wanders the outskirts of a town. His eerie blue eyes watching evyone a his blue coat glowing in the dark of night. He passes through without a sound and only when he vanishes can you hear the ghostly sound of empty hooves following him to where ever he went.

Looking for a human or something humanoid. Can be a wizard, don't really care Smile
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