My immortal soul

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My immortal soul

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:12 pm

Ok so this stallion is based off my horse we have to sale so we can get cash to buy hay for the others. I'm truly going to miss him since he was my favorite gelding and he left hoof prints on my heart.

Name: Jonhson
Called: Johny
Age: 5, but is immortal
Breed: Tenasee Rocky Mountain Horse
Appearance: Johny is a beautiful chocolate Sorrell, he has blue eyes and a long flowing mane. He's short and has a permanent scar on his chest that no hair will grow on.
History: He dislikes other males but love mares, but he's more of a one mare stallion. He is a leader horse and is brave for others...majority of the time.
Picture:(This is not his real picture so feel free to use it)


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