So this is how its gonna be

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So this is how its gonna be

Post by Guardian Angel on Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:49 am

Okay, so this little insert was from a small topic i posted about people not keeping up with their writing..
Alrighty, i dont mean to come across as a total bitch (and excuse me if the cursing rules have been changed) but to all of those who posted that they were here as to not get deleted, uhm..its nice you show up to comment to stay safe but you cant show up to keep posting with people who have been waiting for your response for months! Like really? Im not gonna lie, i am an amazing writer but im not bragging. I dont want it going to waste. A lot of people on here are pretty amazing to, so why just stop? I have a BUNCH of unanswered shit that people just toss to the side because its not their favorite or its soooooooooooooooooooo far down their list that just dont care anymore. I feel i should just deactivate my account if no one is going to keep up. Im not saying get on everyday, but at least be dedicated. Its understandable if issues come up, but still...TRY! Iv already sent out a few messages to players that i RPed with a lot, i hope to get a response and get active again.The funny thing is, the majority of you are online now Smile

A few people commented back, players whom iv never RPed with before but they totally agreed. Now, i was banned for over a month because i got a little snippy with two other players who i think are one. I got PM from one asking why i got so upset about her comment during the CHECK IN post. Then i get another one from the same person but instead its Platinum. So..was she trying to get at me through her "sister's" account or are they one person? Who knows?
Either way, i want to make a public announcement. I will no longer be making random threads for just anyone to answer. Instead, if you wish to RP with me, you MUST send me a message and ask. To keep from getting over "little" things, im going to keep to myself and avoid amateurs. Iv strayed from this site and moved on to others because HI has become childish. Young writers have taken over and everything just seems to off. A couple other members agree and have moved to other sites as well. I want to be able to post whatever the heck i want and people respect that. That won't be happening here...

So..whether your pleased by this or upset, keep it to yourself.
Wanna start something? PM me. Ill always answer.

~Guardian Angel~
Guardian Angel
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