Lost (OPEN) [R]

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Lost (OPEN) [R]

Post by Tayssi on Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:57 am

Name: Calista

Age: 7

Gender: Mare

Breed: Appaloosa

Coat: Leopard

Discipline: None

Broken?: Yes, but hasn't been ridden since she was 3.

Personality: Calista is a kind and gentle mare, always looking to please. However, she can spook rather easily and gets stressed when over worked. She jumps at sudden movements and sounds and is half deaf. However that doesn't stop her, as she is very responsive to everything else. She's a sensitive mare who responds very well to leg aids and hand signals. She's quiet and never bites or kicks if she can help it. However, once stressed, she's unpredictable and will attack. However, Calista is hard to stress and is a very hard worker. She was originally trained to be an endurance horse, however was sold off and left in a paddock. Calista, with time, would be good for any sort of discipline, with time, effort adn training put into her.

Needing human male
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