Mysterious But Mischievous.

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Mysterious But Mischievous.

Post by špecial ♫ on Fri Feb 17, 2012 1:52 pm


Light green with yellow tints around the eyes
6 Feet
5' Wingspan
6 Years
Small but quick, Lorkia lives deep in the amazon, Seeking shelter from humans. She lives in harmony with other animals, silently controlling populations and keeping them in balance. Given her small size and wingspan, she can easily move through the tree's and canopy with ease, and hiding her presence. Her soft wings are silent, but very flexible when needed to be. Their very fragile though, They can easily tear with sudden strong winds, or sharp thorns. Her eyes are bright orange, a sign of her personality. Her wings can be tucked in when running or climbing trees. Her limbs are abnormally strong for her kind, she has gained the adaptation that has helped her survive. Very few of her kind have this trait, but this is balanced out by there soft wings.

Her strengths are her Flexible wings, helping them not get caught in the branches, and they are silent when hunting. Her back legs are stronger then most of her kind, giving her the ability to thrive on fruits or insects in tree's, giving her another advantage.
Even though she can survive the Rain forests climate and off of its inhabitants, she has very risky behavior. Her mischievous nature leads her to tease humans that she finds on the edge of the rain forest, and other dragons passing through. Her laughter is obnoxious and aggravating to her larger cousins, which causes them to always try and kill her, ether with a search party or an ambush. She always is on the verge of exposing herself to humans, teasing them with her tail or showing her presence. Her wings also make loud, high-pitched noises that are very noticeable. She cannot breathe fire, but she can blow air from her mouth, which are harmless but can send winged-creatures unbalanced and fall.

Her outer personality is usually Obnoxious and playful, and sometimes childish. But when she can change her personality in a instant, going from carefree to cold and serious. Even with her different personality, she usually is Mysterious and flirty. Most of the time she wonders what is her true self, since all of them can be mixed in at the same time. From being Serious to laid back, to bubbling with laughter and be annoyed at the same time. Even with her dark emotions, she is always seems to be Enjoying whatever she's doing, from teasing to playing her own little game by herself. Even though she does get lonely, she can talk to herself and passing time by planning a trip far away from her home to stocking food.
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